Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Wonderful Thing Gone Unnoticed

It is amazing how easy it is to overlook a good thing. In my last post I mentioned that the good thing was my husband. Well, last night, as I lay in bed thinking about how the walk I took was nice, but tiring; it dawned on me… I took a walk. I took a walk and was not afraid of having an accident.

I used to be constantly aware of my colon. That may sound odd, but when you have ulcers through out the lining of one of your major digestive organs, it is hard to not be aware of it. I used to always worry that something might happen when I was grocery shopping or when I was walking somewhere, or other such things. But, although I have other discomforts for the moment, worry is not one of them.

It is so easy to be distracted by those other discomforts. Currently I have a colostomy bag. I hate it. I have been letting that hate overwhelm me. I have been letting the pain associated with it distract me from the good that the surgery has done for me. The pain associated with it is no where near as horrible as the pain associated with ulcerative colitis. I currently have restrictions, but those will soon end.

I WENT FOR A WALK WITH NO FEAR YESTERDAY!!!!! It was wonderful, oh so wonderful. My son was chattering away and thoroughly enjoying himself. Oh the Joy, oh the happiness. Let’s focus on that. Let’s find something everyday that will make us smile and want to dance with joy. It doesn’t matter if it is as small as seeing a beautiful flower, or if it is as big as hearing a friend is going to join the mother hood club. Find Joy. I think I need to write that and put it on the mirror in my bathroom.

Find Joy today.

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