Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

The side dishes are in the oven getting nice and cooked, the turkey is on the counter getting to room temp and the pies are cooling. Ronin is being a goof, Dad is sleeping in, and StarTrek is playing on the TV. What I nice, comfortable, quite thanksgiving. And that is how we intend on spending it, Just the three of us. And yes, I made enough for a feast. But we will be eating off of it for three to four days or more.

This holiday season is going to be fun, and quiet. We intend on playing it low key. Having had two surgery’s and Mikes family living with us for four months, we are ready for peace and quiet, and some family bonding time. It will be wonderful as Ronin really begins to experience the holidays with more understanding (ok, maybe not a lot, but more than last year). Well, Off to check on the side dishes, and get the bird ready to go into the oven.