Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Still Here

I am still here! I just have been going in so many different directions that I haven't had time to sit at my computer and write. Even as I sit here now my body is saying "go to sleep Janet." Unfortunately I still have several hours left in the work day.

I did want to share something that I found absolutely wonderful! I went to go get the Thanksgiving Turkey, as it is at my new home this year. I was thinking that would be the most expensive item on my list.... but no.... it was probably the cheapest item on my list. I went to Safeway and used my Safeway Club Card and got a 22 lb. turkey for just $5.00. I was amazed and pleased when my total read 33 dollars and then when I slid my Safeway card it read 13 dollars (and some change). I am now a walking commercial for Safeway Club Cards..... most of their stuff is a tad spendy, but what a deal when it is on sale!!!! I think now the most expensive item will be the pork for the cabbage roles, unless it is on sale.!

Well I have not had any new pictures taken of me yet.... I know, I know, every one said I should chronicle my pregnancy with pictures each week. But it seems that when ever I remember to do it I am all by myself, and the one 'self portrait' I took was really quite sad...... But I will post pictures not only of me but of Ronin's room when it is complete, and I will try and post more frequently... even if it is just me rambling, I am told by my good friends that my rambling is funny and interesting.... so I am sorry but you can blame them if you find me boring.