Friday, November 20, 2009

A Few Poems

At the request of my good friend, I am going to post poems. These are old, as it has been some time since I have even attempted to write a poem, but I wanted to get some out there in the hopes that it would motiviate me to write more. Enjoy!

An Autumns Eve

A soft autumn wind
Stirs the leaves
As the birds fly away
To their winter homes

A calm peace befalls the land
As the autumn sun sets
And the harvest moon rises
Large and golden in the sky

The night air is cool and sweet
Smoke rises from the earth
As bonfires b laze in the fields
The people's laughter fills the air

Pipes and fiddles play a song
The fills the time with joy
Happiness is on the faces
Of all who are gathered around

Slowly the bonfires die
On by one the gathering dwindle
On to their homes the people go
To sleep until the dawn

In the lingering flames
The fairies dance
Unseen by human eyes
They take over the night

Carried by the autumn breeze
Wood sprites sing their lulling song
The dryads weave their watery tales
And the elves play their enchanting music.

Her Large Brown Eyes
Her eyes, her large brown eyes look so dreamily at the sky.
What she sees is not a velvet sky and white fluffy clouds;
What she sees are small floating villages
And small children playing in the garden
While mothers cook dinner for the families;
The sweet smell drifts through the air.

Her eyes, her large brown eyes look so wonderfully at the clear blue waters
She sees not fish, but mermaids in distant lagoons singing unheard songs
Unheard by their lost loved ones.

Her eyes, her large brown eyes softly close
And drift off into a land where dreams are endless
And anything can happen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I need a break!

I want to take some time and just get away from the realities of the world and just exist without the pressures of life, those that bog you down and make you feel like you are running from one task to another. I nice long, uneventful, relaxing break.

Of course, on my break my son and husband are welcome to join me. Just so long as they expect nothing of me. Correction, just as long as the husband expects nothing of me, as the son is too young to know not to expect anything of me. Okay…. So that is not going to happen, but a girl can dream right?

This is prompted by the fact that at work I have so much to do and not enough time to do it in. I keep looking for the pause button on life, but for whatever reason, it keeps evading me. I do not understand this, I think it is very rude that the remote control of life has disappeared. I would like to know who is hiding it from me? You may return it and I will not be angry, in fact I will be grateful.

On a serious note: oh heck, who wants to be serious. On a more enjoyable note???? Maybe:
Yesterday I was rubbing some stuff on my son’s gums to relieve some of his teething discomfort, and as I was rubbing the top gums, right above the one tooth he already has, he bit down, hard… let me tell you, that boy has good jaws. I said ow, and the poor little guy got so distressed and started the saddest little cry that he only gets when mommy says ow. It is like he is feeling my pain and is sad that he caused it.

Well- I am currently taking a moment at work to write this, and should get back to the pile on my desk, or else I may just as well run and hide as it overtakes my desk. As my friend Jaylene always says: Cheers!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Step Closer

I heave a sigh of relief as I sit here typing, listening to one of Bach's cello suites. I have completed my Masters. All I have to do now is wait for the diploma, which will come hopefully in February, if not then, in May.

Although my final was not my best work, it was good enough to get a passing grade. My professor considered my capabilities as a writer 'quite impressive'. And to have someone who has a PhD. state that your work is 'impressive' is, well, impressive. It is one thing to say, you do good work, but a quite a wonderful thing when it is said that you do impressive work and are capable of so much more. I hold on to those words in my moments of writers block, which seem to be frequent of late.

I hope to be on this blog more often, addressing an area that I love, and want to nurture. It is my goal to become a writer of one type or another. And in order to be a writer, one must write. So here I go, attempting to achieve the goal of writer in my new and chaotic world. Currently my son is in the other room yelling, and I am sure attempting to get into the garbage can, or pull something out of one of the dirty laundry baskets, but even amidst those distractions, I shall write. God has given me a gift that I shall not waste anymore. Those who are deep in the literary world are impressed by my capabilities, and when I am immersed in a literary conversation, I feel alive, more alive than I have in a while. I must pursue my passion, I must remember my my passion...

Now, it is time to go back to the mundane world of laundry and baby bottles..... but Bach shall continue in the back ground to inspire me to continue in my endeavors.