Monday, April 27, 2009

The Sorrows of Motherhood

Motherhood has its joys and it sorrows. And for the sorrows I am not talking about the lack of sleep, or the desire for grown up time, those are things that are just part of parenthood and I do not consider those sorrows. I am talking about hearing my son cry as my husband, who is at home with him two days a week, tells me that he just can't eat out of a bottle. My poor little man has the worst stuffed up nose, he just wan't eat very easily and gets so frustrated about it.

The Joy is when I woke up the other morning I looked down at Ronin and he just gave me the biggest grin.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playing is serious business

Especially for a little boy just discovering things for the first time. It is so fun watching the things that light up his face with the big toothless grin. Watching him look seiriously at his hands as he is placing them in his mouth, occasionally glancing down at his feet. I see the little wheels turning, wondering what the connection to him is.
I just got him an excersaucer for him today, and he LOVES it. He still hasn't gotten the grasping things down yet, but he really is trying. He really likes standing up so this is a great way to have him stand with out my arms falling off. Isn't he a doll.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Working Mom

I have heard that being a working mom was hard. I just nodded in agreement, thinking casually, "yes I am sure it is." I new that the mom had a lot on her plate and I admired her. But boy oh boy was I unaware of the true difficulties of being a working mom. Not only is it hard to get everything done that needs to get done, but it is also hard to be away for your baby, who is making new strides everyday. And missing those strides, like the first time he rolled over. Mike told me and I just wanted to cry.... really. Then calling dad to check on my boys and hearing the little man in the background... I cried and told my coworkers I wanted to go home and did not intend on coming back.

But..... work is a necessity at this point in time, and I don't regret going back. I am able to provide for my son, and my husband things that we would otherwise not have, like a house!!!

Well, I hear my darling son crying to be taken out of his chair and have some "mom time" and I do not want to let those moments go by with out taking advantage of them, so off to rescue the boy from his misery, :)