About Me

My name is Janet Olson, I grew up in a small town that most will know as the home of Keiko the Whale (for a brief time) which is Newport Oregon. Due to the nearness to the ocean, I am fond of wide open spaces, and love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. The one major thing that I miss about living in Newport is the sound of the fog horns out on the ocean as I drifted off to sleep in my youth. There is nothing more soothing than the lulling sound of the deep horns warning the ships that land is near.

I am an alumnus of Western Oregon University, which is located in the small town of Monmouth (yes even smaller than my home town). I graduated with my BA in English Literature, with a minor in Art. I enjoy painting, but due to lack of space have not done as much as I would like. My medium is Oil's and my subject matter is whatever strikes me at the moment. I currently am fond of abstract art, partially because perfection does not enter the picture (since I am a perfectionist this takes away the element of frustration I often get) and partially because it allows me to choose the color combinations, free of any real world restrictions.

I am also an alumnus of Mercy College, where I got my Masters of Arts in English Literature. I completed this completely online, with the hopes of getting my PhD at some point to teach at University. I wrote my thesis on my beloved author Jane Austen and its title is Humor as Social Commentary in the Novels of Jane Austen. Someday I hope to apply this to all of her novels, but as it stands I choose her Juvenile works along with Pride and Prejudice and Persuasions. It was fun to write, and I learned a lot about the brilliance of Jane Austen and how she attempted to "buck the system" in her own way. I would say that she is the female version of Shakespeare, she could comment on the society that she was writing for, and they enjoyed it, not realizing that she was criticizing them. If that is not brilliance then I don't know what is!

My husband and I were married in May 2005. Marriage is a wonderful, yet difficult path, but it is worth it. My husband is such a caring person, and I strive to be as generous as he is. I have a son who was born January 2009, and a daughter who was born August 2013, having two kids keeps me on my toes, and is A LOT of work.

Currently I am a working mom. It is difficult to work full time and be a mom, our family goal is to get to a point where I do not have to work. I would love to work part time, or maybe get my blog to a point where it makes me money.