Monday, January 19, 2009

On Being Home

Not a lot of new stuff to report in my life. I have not been getting a whole lot of sleep, but am functioning relativly well considering that. I am not doing great at the whole 'resting' portion of things. Although my body does tell me when I have been doing too much and I eventually have to stop, it would just be nice if I stopped before I started feeling uncomfotable. I never realized how much of a 'go go go' person I was until I had to slow down. Granted when I am sick I slow down, but usually that lasts maybe a day or two at the most, where having a baby the recovery is a bit longer, and when you are not moving around you feel just fine. I am thoroughly enjoying staying at home, I would love to not have to go back to a full time job (which I love). Part time would be ideal, but life does not always fit into the ideal category. I am hoping and praying that I do ot have to go back until the begining of March.

Being at home full time has some interesting 'side affects,' such as having no idea what day of the week it is and what day of the month it is. Point in case: My dad called me the other day to see about coming on Saturday, which won't work as I have other company that day. When I asked him if he had other things he was doing that day in Salem he said no, but since it was my Birthday he wanted to stop by. My response was, "Saturday is my Birthday... oh, haha, I almost forgot." Now, for me to forget my birthday is a big thing... I NEVER forget my Birthday.... EVER. I am a bit selfish that way. I remind everyone that my birthday is coming up and always tell then what I want, but apparantly having a baby changes that. Although I would like a copy of Mama Mia and a gift card to Starbucks.

The once nice thing, that I think I have mentioned in my previous blogs, is that Mike is staying home with me and Ronin until the end of January and then he is taking Sundays off until the end of March. I like that, I get to see my husband more now. And he is so great with Ronin. Also having the baby has brought us closer together, inspite of the occasional lack of sleep grumpiness. Life is good now, and I do belive those baby blues have subsided. I feel great and I am losing the weight fast. I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight (don't hate me, I am doing Weight Watchers.)

I guess since I am reaching the rambling stage of my blog I shall call it quites... but here are some pictures that are just too darn cute.

I just LOVE this picture, Maia has to be with whoever has the baby..
Mike took one just like this of me Ronin and Maia, but I was asleep and it isn't a flattering picture of me, lol.

Here he is getting ready to go to Sushi with mom for the first time, YUM!

This shirt says "little squirt" on it, which is perfect for him.... hehe!


Christie said...

Janet, he is sooo cute! Sounds like you are doing great. We are so happy for you guys :) It is fun to "watch" even from so far away!


heidi_lynn825 said...

Happy Birthday Jani Pookins! He really is adorable and you sound so happy. Let me know when you are ready to show him off! I can't wait to see him.

Becky said...

Janet, he is perfect! So cute! I am so happy for you guys!