Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On Being a Mom

It still feels so unreal. I have a son! I am not sure if the feeling of being in a dream is related to that feeling of unreality, or if it is due to the lack of sleep?

The feelings that one can have for something so small is amazing. I look at Ronin and my heart aches with the love that I feel for him. The other day we went to the doctors to get him circumsized, I worried so much that my head hurt. I felt as though I was holding my breath the whole time, and I wanted to just burst in to tears. I would not relax until the doctor came and told me that the procedure was over and everything went perfectly. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. And then, on the drive home some ditzy blonde talking on her cell phone and not paying attention to driving almost side swiped us. I once again began to hold my breath until we were safely in the drive way at home. I barley know this little boy, but my heart would break if anything ever happaned to him. Again, the love that one can feel... it's amazing.

In looking back at the past year and a half I am amazed at everything that has happaned in my life. I got a wonderful job that I love. We bought our first house (this also fits into the dream category, when will I wake up?). And we had a baby. Aren't those considred the major life changes? God has been so good to my family.

I leave you with another picture of the cutest baby boy in the world.

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