Monday, January 5, 2009

Presenting My Newest Family Member

Ronin Kael Olson
January 2nd 2009
7 lb. 12 oz ~~~19.5 inches

Isn't he the most precious baby ever!!! As painful as the actual labor was,(before the blessed epidural) it is MORE than worth it to have those beautiful eyes look up at me, and I know that he knows I am his mom!!! I still can't believe they let us take him home with us???? What were they thinking.
I find it amazing, how I am able to (sort of) function on the tiny amount of sleep I have had. I start labor with him on Jan 2nd at 4 ish in the morning and have maybe slept a total of 10 hours in the last 84 hours, yet miraculously I am able to function relatively well. I do often forget what I am about to say to some one if I pause for even a moment. Regardless of the minor lack of sleep a newborn brings with him, it is still wonderful... And really when you think about it, he has had a major trauma to bring him into the world... and so in order to comfort him and let him know it isn't all that bad, I am willing to loose the sleep right now.
Well, speaking of trauma, sounds like Ronin is having a minor one right now, and mom must go and comfort him.

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