Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I am struggling. Are You?

I want to be healthy. Period, end of story.  I want my body to be in shape, so I am not tired doing the things I need to do on a daily basis.  I want my insides to feel good, and my outsides to reflect that.  Yet it is a constant battle to stick to the healthy choices.  I found that when I had a companion alongside, encouraging me, I did far better, but that companion moved away. I hoped that my husband would take her place, who better than the man I love to stand beside me? But he approached the his journey differently than I did, and really, who wants to hear that he lost 3 pounds because he stopped drinking soda and made no other changes, when it takes me far longer and far more to achieve the same goals?

No, as much as I wanted my husband to travel this path with me, it was not working.  Yes, he does encourage me, which is great, but I need that “you go girl” that only a girlfriend can provide.  Yet, more than that, I need an outlet to share my struggles with this journey.  It is a rough road.  Some days I just want to give up for no other reason that I just don’t want to work at it anymore.

As I watched Biggest Loser this morning, a thought began to formulate in my mind.  One of the contestants made a comment about an eliminated contestant, that she would find a way to continue her journey at home, doing what she enjoys to do.  So… I need to find something I enjoy that will help me continue on in my journey.  Granted, they were talking about working out, which I need to incorporate, but I need and outlet for my frustrations and successes that will allow me to say “you go girl” or even “keep going girl” to myself. 

What does this mean for me?  How can I keep on track in my journey to a healthier me? What do I do best?  The answer is, I write.  I love to write, and I find that when I am struggling, putting those struggles in to words is a release.  If I need to tell somebody something important, I write it down first.  If I need to complain about things, I write it in my journal.

I want to share my journey with others out there…. It will not be a perfect journey, it will not have step by step plans…. But it will be a true, honest journey. Some days I will be gung ho, on the train of weight loss, others I will be falling off that train, and even others I will be picking my self up.  I want to share what I learn, not only about how to lose weight but about the struggles I have in that process. I want to share that I have special dietary issues (ie: no colon) and need to make choices that will help me not feel uncomfortable eating healthier. I will also share the recipes I come across and how I have changed them up to meet my needs in both diet and picky eaters (ie: my husband).

I want to be honest with myself.  I want to hear your story too. Please feel free to comment about  your journey.

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