Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Right for Right Now- A journey to creating peace in the NOW

I suffer from the fatal flaw of perfectionism.  I want everything to be in its place, from the toys to the finances. I also suffer from another flaw of adult ADD… those two things do not seem to be able to coexist; therefore I lead my life in this continual state of frustration. 

My goal for the year 2012 and the 34th year of my life is to focus on what is just right for right now.  In making my home a sanctuary I must set aside my frustrations and focus on creating an atmosphere of peace.  

I have been thinking a lot about what this mean, and how to bring it into reality, and how to share it with others.  What does it take to be okay with where I am at right now, how do I  make that the best ‘right now’ possible. This year I am going to share my journey from the chaos of letting my ADD and perfectionism hold me down to being free in the contentment of “just right for right now”.

The area that I am focusing on right now is finance.  I have never been great at the actual handling of funds (in my head it works perfectly).  This is an area of much argument in many households. I do not claim to be the guru on how to remove the argument. In fact I am far from the guru.  But I am at a place that many families are, you know what needs to be done, but getting there is the biggest battle. My next post will address what I am doing to create contentment in the area of finances.  It will delve a little into my relationship with money (to give perspective) and what I am going to do now to create order.

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