Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome 2012....

This is a bit late in coming, as I have been crazy busy, but here it is:

New Years Resoultions.  This is often a dread phrase for many .I have never been one for 'New Years Resolutions.' It is my firm belief that as a Christian, we need to address things on a daily basis, and need to make changes as things arise.  It just so happens that two of those areas that my husband and I have decided need to be addressed are timed perfectly for the new year. And I am excited. I have also come up with a few areas that I personally need to address and change. The end of this past year has been one of illness (both physical and technological, my computer got a virus) and holiday  busy-ness. I have been away from my blog for far to long.

But alas I am back, and I am commited to make a few changes in my life, which I will share with you in the coming days.  But first, hop on over to my dear friends sight and read what she has to Say about her word of the year, F.R.E.S.H.  It is my new motto... I

The first change is dealing with household finances.  This has been an area of much distress for me most of my life, and when I got married, the distress did not go away even though the financial stability was there. I would flip out when it came to paying the bills, and thus had to remove myself from the equation, so as not to ruin my marriage (again my overdramatic description).  As time went by, I came to a place where I was once again able to address finances with out the major stress it caused previously.  That is when we discovered Financial Peace University.  We went through the class and it changed things for the better, it was amazing.  Unfortunetly due to a previous medical condition, we missed half the classes, so, although we did benifit greatly from taking the class, we still have more to learn.  Our new church is offering the class again, and we are going to take all the classes this time around.

The second change is dealing with our health.  Both my husband I really could loose a few pounds.  Doing it on our own has not really proved to be successful.  Year ago I attended Weight Watchers and lost 20 lbs. Then I got pregnant (and you can't do weight watchers while pregnant) and have not been able to do it since then.  So, I know it works... and this time we are both able to do it at no cost to us, as My husbands benefits at work cover it.  This is so exciting. (My new challange there is to make sure my husband goes to meetings and has foods that he will eat that fit into the plan. Please pray for me).

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