Monday, February 6, 2012


I have spent most of my life being overwhelmed by the magnitude of it.  There is so much to do to be in life, that I sometimes have the urge to just sit down and do nothing. It almost seems counterintuitive to just sit there when you have so many options, but it happens.  If there is a small obstacle in my way I tend to allow it to grow to the point where in my mind it becomes an immovable mountain.

I am at a stage in my life where I feel isolated.  I am a mom of a three year old, which greatly limits my alone time. I stay home, but am having pressure from my husband to find a job, which greatly limits my sense of freedom. How do I overcome these things that hold me back?  Just because I am a mom of a three year old does not mean I can’t take the few moments I have to sit down and put pen to paper and pursue my writing dreams, nor does the fact that I have to find a job (in order to get out of debt) keep me from eventually fulfilling my dream of working from home at a business I create myself.

Life is full of paths of which we can choose.  Sitting down in one spot because there are so many should not be an option.  At some points, you may want to do something, but the path is not right in front of you, wait, you will eventually get there.  In the mean time, look at what is there before you, and embrace it.

I was reading an article in Weight Watchers “Break New Ground” and it inspired me. Maybe right now is not the time for me to pick up my painting, but nothing is stopping me from writing. The article talked about stepping out of your comfort zone, getting up and doing something. This directly spoke to me, the person sitting down in the road because she doesn’t know which path to take.  Maybe the first path I choose will not go where I want it to, maybe I will stumble down the path, but at least I am moving, at least I am stepping out into the open regardless of the fear, which is a natural part of life.  What if I don’t succeed?  My response back to myself is, what if I do? 

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