Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stepping out In to the Open

I am entering a new phase of blogging; one that I approach with much awe and a little trepidation. My readership has been mainly family and close friends.My desire is to step out into the open, wrangle in a larger readership.

This requires a few things of me. Focus… oh boy, there is that word that always gets me… I sit in my kitchen as I type this, attempting to avoid glancing up to my kitchen counters where the last day and half worth of dishes sit pilled high, along with the cereal box my husband got out and did not put away, and the oat meal container I emptied into a more cupboard friendly container; and my focus is almost lost… I must rein it in. 

Okay… where was I, oh yes, along with focus come structure; another area that I have a difficult time with.  I must create a structure not only with which to work in, but for my blog.  I take a deep breath, okay, that is a big task for me… creating my own structure.

Then I must write, for I am a writer.  What do I write about? That is the question. One suggestion is that my blog be DIY.  But is that too limiting? Should I attempt to broaden my horizons a little? Or if I broaden my horizons, is that making it too big a task?  All these things come to mind. I sit in a pool of too many ideas, and not enough definition.

Let’s find definition in my pool, let’s pick up the few things that have defined my life recently.  I am a mom. I am the caretaker of my home, the one who needs to keep it in order.  I love to crochet, and attempt to create things for my home using this art form, or craft as many call it.  I am learning how to make products that first are less expensive, and second less caustic to the environment. I love food and am looking to eat healthier. These are the few things that I want to write about. 

As I sit here I am thinking of a few projects that I have done recently, and really have very few projects to share. So, if it is DIY shouldn’t it be more than just the few things I have done, and if it is DIY does that mean I can’t just write an article sharing my thoughts on a scripture, or say an author I love. Oh this task is making my head spin.

So, to my friends and family members who do read my blog currently… I need suggestions on what to focus on.  Yes I want in part to share my projects in a ‘DIY’ format, so this will definitely be a part of things. I am looking for what to share beyond that. What do you want from me?

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Christie said...

Love the new look! And, I can tell you what I would like to hear...your heart, anything that interests you, gets your creative juices flowing, inspires, makes you laugh, gives you a pause for thought, family stuff, friend stuff, picture stuff, reading stuff. Your stuff. Your life. Just as you are living it now. Hugs my friend. Can't wait to see where this bend in the road leads!