Monday, November 14, 2011

Spirit Place

A silver bush greets me near a small cottage
In a valley so golden, ringing with laughter
The memories created here are sweet as nectar
Bringing a tear of joy for times long past

I was thumbing through a stack of old college papers that I had written, looking for inspiration, and came across this poem I wrote for one of my literature classes.

It is a 'song' of childhood. And a reminder of youth. It makes me smile to recall the memories of 'spirit place' where friends and I whiled away the hours imaging different scenarios taking place in our little cottage, and in the golden valley. Maybe it was just a small play house and back yard, but to us it was anything we wanted it to be. This one is for you Christie and Heidi.

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Heidi Wiesner said...

Oh Janet...wasn't that the most magical of times? Sometimes I wish, for just a day, or even just an hour...we could all click our heels and go back to our playhouse and all the promise and independence we felt when we were there. Something about watching the sun set and feeling the salty air nip at our cheeks, knowing that my mom was working on chicken and dumplings in the house while we played... :-) Life never gets ANY better than that.