Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The True Children of God

“The True Children of God are those who let God’s Spirit lead them.” Romans 8:14

I am in ever constant state of attempting to find the “perfect” way to organize things. There is no particular thing that I tend to focus on (I am ADHD so I think that is impossible). Whatever strikes my fancy is what I attempt to make perfect.

Being relatively new to the stay at home mom scene, my latest project perfection is how I organize my day. Simple Mom’s Daily Docket has been a life saver, and a curse… yes I said it, a curse. It is just one more thing for me to attempt to make perfect. If my life were a novel, and I the heroine, perfectionism would be my fatal flaw. Yet, there are moments, like when I read the above scripture, that I realize that I am not perfect. God is perfect… amazing, wonderful, awesome. I know this because as I was going about my morning ritual, (hazily making coffee, forgetting for the umpteenth time to give Ronin his cup of milk) I prayed that God would speak to me through the scripture today. And so he did.

True Children of God… I consider myself a true child of God… are those who let God’s Spirit lead them. And still, I go about my day, often not necessarily as planned, but as I see fit. I forget that sometimes God wants me to do something other than what is written on my Daily Docket… Sometimes he has an unexpected appointment for me that will benefit not only me, but the people I come in to contact with. If I remember this, if I remember that God is bigger than my perfectionism, my fatal flaw, then I am doing good.

Lord, help me to move beyond the flaws of my humanity, and listen to your plan for my day. Help me to see that I am your child, and that I need to let you lead me. Remind me on a daily basis YOUR plan for my day, and that it is PERFECT, because you are PERFECT.

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