Friday, February 19, 2010

A little Randomness

Life is crazy; but wonderful. It is full of the joyful, the mundane, the sad, the boring, the frustrating, the exhausting etcetera.

There are things in the past month that have fallen into all of those categories and more.

My in-laws are currently living with me… the frustrating. I enjoy them, and biblically speaking we are to help provide for “our own”. We are providing a home for them, but having four extra people in the house is a bit overwhelming for this mom who grew up in a very small family (me, mom, dad, and for a time Aaron). The constant bombardment of activity and noise is exhausting. On the positive side, my kitchen is cleaner than it has ever been. AND I do not have to cook dinner every night. AND there are others to keep an eye on my little man while I either hop in the shower or take breather.

My dear boy is making leaps and strides in discoveries. It is a joy, mingled with sadness. The sadness comes as I realize that it will not be too long before he is no longer a toddler… (insert heavy sigh here). The joy obviously comes with seeing the look on his face as he makes a new discovery. A few of his favorite things:

Peekaboo- the boy sure can get a good belly laugh going;

Playing with the water as it fills his bathtub- or when I wash his hands after he has escaped my view and played in the toilet water;

Brushing his teeth- and helping momma brush hers (I kindly declined his offer); drinking out of ‘big peoples cups’

Yelling at anyone who walks away, and often following them –this includes the dog;

Playing with the dog toys- and getting mad on occasion when Maia tries to take them back or play with them.

I could talk about my little man all day long. I miss him even when he is down the hall sleeping… (insert another heavy sigh here).

Work… normally I enjoy my job. But for some reason today has been the longest day ever and the motivation has been almost non-existent. I feel horrible for not having the motivation, and not focusing like I should, but honestly, I just don’t have it in me at the moment. I am tired… plum warn out.

On a lighter note, I intend to blog more often from home, so that I can actually post some pictures of my little man. I have some cute ones too. I have a project that I am working on that may become something that I put up here. We shall see…. I intend on collecting quotes and creating paintings around them. I have also toyed with the idea (today) of trying out doing it in a computer program…. We shall see what happens. If you have quotes, please, feel free to send them my way.

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