Thursday, February 25, 2010

I love being a mom

I was sitting at my desk, just working away, when I got a text from my husband stating that the bathroom door is fixed, and now will latch and stay shut. This made me very happy. Now why would this make me happy, you ask? Because, since the door does not latch, my son can get into the bathroom and partake in one of his new favorite past times, playing in water. Aside from the dog bowl, the toilet happens to be the next best thing. Which, in my personal opinion is gross. Granted, when he plays in the toilet water, he then gets to play in the sink, with water that flows... which always makes him very happy. I wonder if that is his ulterior motive??? Can a one year old have an ulterior motive?

Last night he was having fun just playing around, decided to take his sock of and hand it to dad... then proceed to play with dads foot, which included chopping down on it. Occasionally he attempts to gnaw on mommas arm as she is changing him or on her knee.. but never has he actually chomped down. Dads response was, of course, to scold him for it. He got this utterly surprised look on his face. You know the one (if you are a parent) "What I was just playing.. I didn't know it was wrong" and a few tears came to his eyes, but amazingly there was no major water works.... I guess he wasn't tired enough.

I thoroughly enjoy my son, even when he is fussy, because I have been blessed with a rather happy child. He is lovey, and sweet, and only throws major temper tantrums when he is 1. Tired, 2. Hungary 3. Teething, and occasionally 4. Poppy. I know that not all moms are blessed in such a way and my husband occasionally will comment that we are spoiled and next time we will have a fussy baby. I hope not, but will be thoroughly happy with what ever personality baby number two has (fyi, I am NOT pregnant, and do not intend on becoming so for another few years, I do NOT want any rumors going around wink wink).


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joyq said...

Love this:)