Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Life is what you make it

The phrase “Life is what you make it” has been floating through my mind the past month or so. Along with it is the question “Really, is it?”

Today, as I read my email the saying again came to mind again.  My family is at a place of desperation. I need a job. I need something to bring in enough money to start paying down our debt, and bring us to a place of financial peace.  I have had four, yes four interviews, and three of them have been no’s.  I am still waiting on the answer from the fourth.

As I laid in bed, wondering why, tears streaming down my face, I asked God, desperately, Why? Why did I not get that job?  A friend reminded me via text, that maybe I did not get a yes from this job, because God was keeping me from having to choose between that job (which made good money) and the other ideal job which met our needs and allowed for a little extra.  I am still waiting, and if that is a no, I will probably cry and again ask God why, but I will also know that HE has a plan. He has never NEVER failed me.

GOD HAS NEVER FAILED ME… I always thing of those who do not believe in God, who do not have faith… and my heart breaks.  How can one not believe or have faith in something bigger than themselves?  In my times of difficulty, when my brother died, when my parents fought, when that boy broke my heart, I had God to cling to, to cry out to.  How do those who do not believe in God coup?

“Have I not commanded you do not be afraid nor dismayed for the Lord they God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

It is that which I cling to. It is the hope that I cling to. In those moments when I feel hopeless (right not being one of them) I turn to my God who has commanded me to NOT be afraid…. Wow. If he commands it, then he must have a plan, and although in my humanity I experience fear and anxiety, I have NOTHING to fear…. He has plan….  It may not be my plan… heck if that were the case I would not have an amazing husband and a beautiful boy… I may lose my home, and many ‘things’ but I will never lose three things that are so important to me… My faith, my husband and my son…. Praise God.

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