Tuesday, May 22, 2012

With a new Vigor

After a long hiatus from both my blog (not unusual) and my weight loss journey (again not unusual) I am back with a vigor (or at least I hope so).

The other day, while helping a friend clean her house, I saw that she had a Wii Fit.  I have wanted to ‘try’ before I go out and spend the money, so I took a leap and asked.  Well, to boil it down, it is now mine. And after having it sit in my house for exactly one week, I decided now was a good time to hook that baby up and give it a whirl. And boy am I glad I did.  The set up was tedious, and it says my body age is 54 (too which I was initially shocked and then as I recalled the major aches and pains in my body as I moved around my house this morning I nodded in agreement). It also says I am overweight… (sigh).  But with a little bit of work, I intend to get myself back on track.

I keep finding excuses to not do what I need to do… and for once in my life I can whole heartedly say they are not legitimate excuses. I found myself saying “I really don’t care” but deep in my heart knowing that I really did.  I also found myself turning to Cheetos and soda when I was feeling down.  This is a new thing for me.  The main reason I gained all the weight I did was not due to emotional eating, it was due to a change in activity level (college= walking everywhere, 40 hour week job = sitting on my tush) and no change in diet.  It also was due to eating when I was hungry because there was nothing to do with my hands.

Since the loss of my job, and the eminent loss of my unemployment checks, I have become majorly stressed out. And now I turn to Cheetos…. Yes, Cheetos are the bane of my existence (along with hot artichoke dip). Being an emotional person, this can be a problem. I need to figure out how to work around this problem.

With that said, I will tackle one thing at a time. Cheetos will no longer be purchased, and the Wii Fit is my friend. And I return to my blog to share my journey.

Today I worked out, and blogged…. I am happy, and now I get to go and get my little man up (I hear his cute mumblings from his room).  It is a good day.

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