Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Taking Every Thought Captive

Today I finally checked out a link that my mom had told me about. In my last post I talked about how God sometimes will talk to you through out the week and suddenly you hear what he says. Well, today when I just clicked on that link in my favorites list, God said "hey, guess what, I am talking to you".

Taking every thought captive sounds intimidating, I will not lie. But God has told us this is what we need to do... He also says "do not be afraid, or dismayed for I am with you".

Fear is the number one thing that runs through my head and holds me back from stepping out and doing those things that I want to do. I allow fear to run rampant in my thought life, and I suffer because of it.

No longer. I choose to take the step and begin the process of learning how to take every thought captive.

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