Friday, November 20, 2009

A Few Poems

At the request of my good friend, I am going to post poems. These are old, as it has been some time since I have even attempted to write a poem, but I wanted to get some out there in the hopes that it would motiviate me to write more. Enjoy!

An Autumns Eve

A soft autumn wind
Stirs the leaves
As the birds fly away
To their winter homes

A calm peace befalls the land
As the autumn sun sets
And the harvest moon rises
Large and golden in the sky

The night air is cool and sweet
Smoke rises from the earth
As bonfires b laze in the fields
The people's laughter fills the air

Pipes and fiddles play a song
The fills the time with joy
Happiness is on the faces
Of all who are gathered around

Slowly the bonfires die
On by one the gathering dwindle
On to their homes the people go
To sleep until the dawn

In the lingering flames
The fairies dance
Unseen by human eyes
They take over the night

Carried by the autumn breeze
Wood sprites sing their lulling song
The dryads weave their watery tales
And the elves play their enchanting music.

Her Large Brown Eyes
Her eyes, her large brown eyes look so dreamily at the sky.
What she sees is not a velvet sky and white fluffy clouds;
What she sees are small floating villages
And small children playing in the garden
While mothers cook dinner for the families;
The sweet smell drifts through the air.

Her eyes, her large brown eyes look so wonderfully at the clear blue waters
She sees not fish, but mermaids in distant lagoons singing unheard songs
Unheard by their lost loved ones.

Her eyes, her large brown eyes softly close
And drift off into a land where dreams are endless
And anything can happen.

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