Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh the weather outside is Frightful!

I love the snow... I just wish that it didn't get so darned icy- or that my place of work would close down so that I did not have to brave those icy roads to get there. Fortunately my wonderful husband has driven me to work the last couple of days.

But Snow days are those days that just call you to you to sit and drink a cup of hot tea/cider/coffee, and look out at the beautiful white covered landscape, and the delicate falling snow. I do hope it clears up enough for my Mom and Step-Dad to make it over for Christmas eve, and so that my Dad can come over the day after Christmas..... oh the treacherous irony of such beauty.

Well, speaking of the trecherous irony, and icy roads and having to go to work... I really should get back to the grind stone......

Oh by the way, I only have 4 weeks until my son..... MY SON is born... Oh my.... he is telling me "Yes mom, almost time for me to make my appearance, it is getting crowded in here."

1 comment:

Christie said...

I love snow in Oregon! Its such a treat :) Boy, oh boy, I cant wait until your little dude makes his appearance! hang in there girl.