Thursday, October 13, 2011

Living Beyond Your Emotions

I have mentioned in the past how it is amazing how God speaks to me with the same message from various different areas in my life.  And even some times the messages he is telling may initially seem different, but when you add them all up they are very much the same.

The message that God was giving me, which I am still piecing together, is a combination of two things.  1. Friendships are important, especially to mom’s of toddlers who stay home. 2. Emotions do not necessarily need to be your guide.

God used two things to show me that Friendships were important, one was MOPS and the other was Women of Faith.  The same week both events spoke on the importance of Friendships, and in the same exact context… being a mom of a toddler can be isolating. Wow… I thought… I need to reconnect.  The past several weeks, when at events with other adults, I was reverting back to the college girl who stood in the corn feeling awkward and unable to connect with others… ending up in tears.  It was unsettling.  I thought that I had moved past this era of my life… it was scary too.  I did not want to have to start all over working back to a place I had already been, where I was not too long ago.

I was becoming this emotional wreck.  I have always been lead by my emotions.  But God was starting to say no more.  He was saying that I needed to live beyond my emotions.  At the Conference I was somewhat shocked by my lack of emotion.  Generally when I go to spiritual gatherings I am overwhelmed with emotion in regards to something that is being spoken about.  When the topic is relevant to my situation, my emotions step in and I have this ‘epiphany’ that is based on my emotional response… NO MORE… God said no more.

After the conference (that same day in fact) I was talking with my husband, and he asked a typical guy question “can’t you separate emotion from what is being said?”  I was mad… I wished that he could understand that that was not possible… or was it?

So… what does this mean, I ask myself?  It means that I can make a change based on what I learned from the speakers at the conference, regardless on whether I had an emotional epiphany. And that means that with work, and prayer I am going to work on living beyond my emotion.

I am not sure what this means yet… but with work and prayer, God will teach me… With friends help… God will guide me, NOT MY EMOTION.

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