Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playing is serious business

Especially for a little boy just discovering things for the first time. It is so fun watching the things that light up his face with the big toothless grin. Watching him look seiriously at his hands as he is placing them in his mouth, occasionally glancing down at his feet. I see the little wheels turning, wondering what the connection to him is.
I just got him an excersaucer for him today, and he LOVES it. He still hasn't gotten the grasping things down yet, but he really is trying. He really likes standing up so this is a great way to have him stand with out my arms falling off. Isn't he a doll.

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Christie said...

Love the new blog layout! And, love what a cutie patootie Ronin is! I also wanted to tell you after our "photo taking" conversation, have you ever used the "burst" feature on your camera? Its great for babies because it takes a group of photos all at one time which helps catch those perfect moments when they move so fast.