Friday, August 29, 2008

Being Pregnant

Oh the joy's of being pregnant!!! I am starting to 'feel' pregnant. Like trying to get up from the couch, I can't just jump up like I used to, I make that grunting noise and "lug" myself off the couch. And I am only 21 weeks!!!! Granted I did start showing early, but I don't think I am that big. Imagine if now I feel like it is a trial (albeit a minor trial) I can't imagine how much of a trail getting up from a lying/sitting postion will be by month 9. Yikes!!!

Another joy I have found is that my ability to concentrate, along with my desire to concentrate has gone OUT the window. I say OUT in capitals, becuase it seems likely it is gone for good. Which does not bode well for the job. hehe

My final joy (are we noticing that the last to joy's were not in fact joy's?) is those comments and 'advice' that everyone gives you! Seriously, did I ask you your opinion??? NO- so stop talking. Or for example, I told my wonderful husband that I was really starting to feel pregnant, and his respone was, "Oh your not even close" as if he knows, and even if you do know, please let me just make my comment and shut up!!!

I was reading Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs (which is a great read by the way). At one point she talks about Pyscho Chick. Now, granted I have been psycho chick before I got pregnant, (around that time of th emonth). But this Pyscho Chick is always lurking in the back ground, I am pretty good at controling her, but let me tell you, if one more person makes some comment that belittles what I am saying (or makes me feel like they are belittling my experiance) she could come out and start throwing things and screaming and crying.... whhoo boy she will.

I have yet to have a chance of experiancing what I consider to be the one true joy of pregnancy yet, and that is to feel little Ronin moving. I know that it can happen anywhere between 16 and 22 weeks, but I want to have it happen NOW!!! I think it would make me feel more comfortable with the fact that YES there is really a baby in there you are not going to wake up to this being a dream.

Well I could go on babbeling about this, but since I am at work and my break was probably over 5 mintues ago, I should go back and be productive (insert sad face here)

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Christie said...

Whoa, girl, sounds like we should all duck and cover here! I think you are doing great...and, I think I am a little frightened right now. haha! Hang in there :)