Monday, March 3, 2008

A moment of Pure Insanity

It has been a long time since I have written. I find it interesting that I love to write… but seem to find so little time to do it in. It is not that I am too busy… I just seem to find things to fill my time up with that are really unimportant. I spend too much time in front of the television for example. I do make blankets from crotching, so the time is not 100 % wasted, but it seems that the one thing that I truly enjoy doing (writing) I spend very little time actually pursuing.

Why is that I wonder…. Well, I know that when I get home from work I am really tired. Although my job is rewarding, it is very mentally consuming at this time. I truly enjoy it but it is the first job I have had that has required any amount of mental activity. Which I feed on, since I am no longer a student it is nice to have something to replace that void with… but it makes for a very lazy Janet at the end of the day.

Well I am sitting here as I download songs off CD’s on to my computer so t hat I can put them on my new iPhone. Yes… I gave in to the technology hype and got an iPhone. I breathe a heavy sigh as the reality of the situation sets in. I, was going to stand my ground an NOT get an iPhone; have fallen into the technological abyss known as the iPhone. I almost felt like I was in high school , everyone was getting one and so I HAD to get one, but I was determined. Well look w here that determination got me… NOWHERE.

Oh well, it is not as if I sold my soul or anything. I just got an iPhone. Let me tell you something. It is awesome. I love it. I can do EVERYTHING on this baby. Haha

Well I should get going it is getting late… but I wanted to write a little since I have been unintentionally avoiding it.

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